A Change for North Korea

North Korea is finally receiving change for the first time in 18 years. The news of the death of Kim Jong Il caused many bittersweet emotions from the North Koreans. Since North Korea has been under Kim Jong Il’s leadership since 1994, North Korea was in a state of shock and weakness. Worldwide news coverage showed many Koreans grieving the death of Kim Jong Il. This country was so used to daily order and stability that the people did not know what to do with their lives after losing a beloved leader. However, this caused the world to question on what will happen next to North Korea’s government.

Kim Jong Il’s power was succeeded by his youngest son, Kim Jong-un.  It is said that Kim Jong-un is experienced in the military and that he embodies the characteristics of a true leader. Although Kim Jong-un is experienced, many countries are questioning his leadership skills. With the addition of a new leader, North Korea is currently unstable and rival countries see this as an opportunity to completely destroy the power of North Korea. Will North Korea be able to be the powerful country it used to be? Only time will tell.

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