The Race to the 2012 Election

The race is on for the presidential candidate nomination for the Republican Party. As of now, there are six candidates running for the nomination. They are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry. Michele Bachmann was also running for the nomination, up until recently.

The first stop for the candidates was the Iowa caucus on Tuesday January 3rd. Mitt Romney took first place with 30,015 votes, but Rick Santorum trailed closely behind in second with 30,007 votes. Ron Paul finished in third, Newt Gingrich in fourth, Rick Perry in fifth, Michele Bachmann in sixth, and last Jon Huntsman in seventh.  Bachmann suspended her presidential campaign after her sixth place finish in Iowa. As for the rest of the nominees, it was on to New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire primary took place on Tuesday January 10th. Romney had a huge victory, taking first again with 97,532 votes. Paul moved up to second with 56,848 votes. Huntsman also had a big recovery, taking third with 41,945 votes. Gingrich remained in fourth with 23,411 votes, Santorum went down to fifth with 23,362, and Perry took last with 1,766. There were many New Hampshire adults focused on Romney, who was the former Massachusetts Governor.

Mitt Romney

The next stop is the South Carolina primary, which will take place on Saturday January 21.   However, Romney is not expected to do as well as he did in New Hampshire and Iowa. He himself agrees that South Carolina is going to be a challenge.

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